Sea Buggy Jeans


  • Features:
    • Discreet chunky zips with long pulls at the legs, to fit over orthotics, AFOs, leg braces, casts
    • Long yellow pulls on zips, to help little hands easily see and grasp the pull
    • Discreet denim handles at base of leg zip, to help little hands hold down denim leg whilst pulling up the zip
    • Chunky pull handles on the outside of the waistband, to help little hands pull jeans up/down
    • Stretchy elastic waist (no button or zips)
    • Pull handles sewn inside the waist band at front and back, to help little hands pull jeans up/down
    • Drawstrings, for adjustable waist
    • Adjustable elastic sewn inside waistband, for adjustable waist
    • Drop crotch to fit over nappies and enable ease of movement
    • Tear away tags to avoid irritating sensitive skin (sizes 2-10)
    • Printed tags to avoid irritating sensitive skin (sizes 12-16)
    • Pockets on side and back for storing treasures
    • Each wash is unique so colour may vary slightly
    • Shop using NDIS 'low cost assistive technology' (AT) budget, if self or third party managed


    Your kid can finally look cool wearing comfy jeans with their orthotic/AFO. With discreet adaptive features, these super soft and stretchy jeans are designed to be easy to get on. These gender neutral jeans even get a green light from kids that usually refuse to wear jeans because they find them uncomfortable. Intended to be worn slouchy for extra comfort, and to last growing little bodies all season long - and maybe into the next one also. Check size chart to ensure the right fit - you may choose to go down a size if your inc kid prefers a snug fit.


    Designed and made in Australia.

    65% Cotton, 33% Polyester, 2% Spandex- excluding trims


    Cold machine wash. 
    This extra stretchy and durable denim is amongst the stretchiest available on the market. We have custom washed it here in Australia so that it becomes super soft and feels luxurious and comfortable, perfect for days filled with lots of play, tumbles falls and buggy rides.

    Pre-orders available to ship early - mid October.


    Note: AFOs are to be worn with socks (our faves are Smartknit from Oapl) to avoid pressure areas/ blistered or broken down skin. Images shown here are to showcase inc kids garments fitting AFOs. inc kid do not recommend wearing AFOs without socks.