These jeans have literally changed our life for Asher! We have 3 pairs and will be investing in more!

They are SUPER comfy and there is also the dropped hem so you don't notice incontinence wear.

Asher also gets nasty eczema but they don't irritate his skin at all.

Thank you for providing a simple but hugely life changing product that actually looks cool and is age appropriate.

- Alli, Asher's mum


"Face of a girl loving dressing independently! Big thing for a wheelchair bound child!

She is very proud and the clothes are such great quality, we are loving them!"

- Lola's mum


"Thanks so much inc kid!! Today Van was happy to wear his new clothes and was really proud of himself for pulling his jumper on and his pants up. Honestly I wasn't sure how he would go but these are literally life changing. Thank you!! We will stock up on your range and share with all our CP friends and therapists.

Our family has 3 little boys.. Van 3, Leo 2 and Beau is 9 months so getting dressing and out in the morning is always a bit of a rush. Putting Van's splint on his leg is something I try to make fun and easy but it honestly has been hard everyday. Today just zipping open the leg of his pants was effortless. Thank you for helping us out... everyday! I'm very grateful xxxxxx"

- Abbie, Van's mum


"The best thing to happen during lockdown! Lil in adaptive jeans AND they don’t fall down!!! The adaptive jumper is super soft and hopefully she will learn to dress herself with it soon. Also super exciting is we claimed them with our NDIS budget."

- Kim, Lilly's mum


"Matilda’s first jeans!! She’s never been able to wear jeans because of her AFOs, but these are jeans made for AFOs 🎉 She’s so happy, she keeps saying ‘like you mummy’ 😭"

- Willow's mum


"We received our first and certainly not last inc kid order and it is a game changer. We are able to fit his jeans over his AFOs and the zip in the jumper helps fit over his head and his arm easily.

The most exciting part for us was for the first time, Will was able to take off his jumper all by himself!! There were happy tears all around.

It's also led to other clothes. He's now able to take off other jumpers and other shirts as well, but before he couldn't."

- Casey, Will's mum 

Will self dressing for the first time


"Leo has been asking to wear his "blue pants with the yellow" - I've finally washed and dried it so he can wear them again this weekend 😄

Leo put it on all by himself and loves the zip. We have been encouraging independent dressing more these days, and he's learning how to do up and take down zip so is very fascinated seeing them on the leg of the pants."

- Leo's mum

Note: Leo and his mum were involved in testing inc kid clothes while we were designing them and they were able to give us great feedback for the final design.

Jumpers to fit hand splints, DMO gloves, casts etc


I just wanted to say how amazing your clothes are. Our daughter Grace has a rare neurological disease and requires AFO’s daily for assisted standing , walking etc. She’s 4.5 years old and a very determined little girl so dressing will now become so much easier for her and I. 

- Emma, Grace's mum


"When X marks the spot. The perfect jumper for my little treasure. Best of all it's made in Australia by Inc Kid and is specifically designed for children who physically struggle getting dressed independently or require assistance with getting dressed. There is a zip along the shoulder for an easy slip on and it has trumpet arms that can be narrowed with Velcro. It's super soft and I love the funky design. Emma is wearing size 10 which is still a little big but the way she is growing she'll fill it in in no time."

- Emma's mum

Self dressing - jeans over AFOs

Willow, Advocate

"Honestly guys they are absolutely amazing.

Zips at the bottom so her AFOs can fit underneath making them super easy to put on and they even have little pull handles at the top on the inside making it even easier for kiddies to try to put on and off all by themselves.

Super soft, top notch material.....l am 100% sold 🙌"

- Tara, Willow's mum

In Willow's words..."they are so soft and I love them. They have a zipper for my AFOs and they have a handle so I can pull them up and I just love them! "

- Willow

Self dressing - jeans to fit AFOs


"It was a perfect day to play outside! We were really excited to try out our new Buggy Jeans from Inc Kid after winning them in their recent competition. They were really easy to get on and discreet handles which made it easier for her to pull them up... And very important they went well with her Celebrate T21 shirt and Bluey ears."

- Ellen

Self dressing - Button jumper

Emily, Inclusion ambassador

"loving these slouchy, comfy jeans, so easy to get on over AFOs because of the leg zips, with an adjustable waist and tie front. No assistance needed!"

- Emily Prior


“Great to have clothes that are practical and trendy!!"

- Henry's mum

Henry is pictured with OT Prue Nix, from Child First Therapy


Sebastian loves his jeans.. for the AFO part, they're really good and handy and the material is nice and soft! Very comfy to wear.

- Sebastian's mum

Note: Sebastian and his mum were involved in testing inc kid clothes while we were designing them and they were able to give us great feedback for the final design.

Paul Pozzobon- Managing Director/ CMO, NAPA Centre Sydney

"Loving this Aussie range of adaptive kids clothing from inc kid that are designed to fit over AFOs and hand splints, and featuring large openings at the neck, sleeve and leg."

- Paul

Louise Conn, Clinic Manager, NAPA Centre Sydney

"So great to finally have some cool and funky clothes for kids that really deserve something awesome. Love the thought that has gone into the practical elements of accessibility in dressing, as well as the gorgeous soft fabrics and fun designs. So good for kids that need 100% assistance dressing, through to those learning and wanting to do it themselves but needing some extra help. Being able to work around AFOS and splints is so needed. Can't wait for the range to grow and expand in sizes. I could easily pass this down to her younger sibling and she would happily wear it.

Well done for creating such a great product that’s beautifully designed. Love the range!"

- Louise

Jess Rozario(Nee Shanahan)- Senior paediatric physiotherapist, NAPA Centre Sydney

"Can’t wait for the launch of inc kid clothes! Cool adaptive clothing."

- Jess

Prue Nix - Division manager, Paediatric occupational therapist, Child First Therapy

"Kids can really struggle to develop independence with dressing skills when clothes don’t accommodate their orthotics, prosthetics or reduced range, grasp or strength. “It is great to see the clothing range from inc kids giving a solution to these challenges. I love seeing kids’ faces light up with achievement and empowerment when they learn to dress and undress. Adaptable clothing can really help.”


Kate Coleman - Team leader, Paediatric occupational therapist, Child First Therapy

"inc kid clothes will help lots of kids with dexterity and strength challenges get dressed easier.. and maybe even get dressed by them selves (every OT’s goal!). Its my job to build skill and confidence and inc kid clothes do just that.. and look stylish too."


Aiesha Seyfang - Paediatric occupational therapist, Child First Therapy

"The design will help lots of my friends get dressed easier and meet some of their OT goals - and look really cool at the same time."


Eliza - Senior paediatric physiotherapist

"I'm really excited that my friends can now look cool, feel confident and be more independent thanks to the awesome features incorporated into the inc kid clothes! There's nothing I love more than cool, adaptive kids clothing that helps kids dress themselves!"