Our Story

One day, a mummy was running late to work because she couldn’t pull her kid's jeans over an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotic).

The next day the same thing happened, as well as her kid crying because their head got stuck in their jumper, and and couldn’t push their arms though the tiny sleeve hole. This happened again the next day and the next day… This mummy and her kid got very frustrated. Their occupational therapist (OT) set out a goal of self dressing. It seemed impossible with the clothes in their wardrobe. This sparked a new design challenge for this mummy, and inc kid was born.

Initially she set out to make jeans, that fit over orthotics or prosthetics and jumpers, with big enough openings for heads and splints. It was also very important to this mummy that the clothes she designed could empower kids to have confidence - and self dress! She never believed in labels and approached everything with an inclusive (‘inc’) attitude.  Believing that all kids with challenges should be included and should be defined by what they can do rather than what they can’t.

She worked with OTs, physiotherapists and lots of other families that experienced similar challenges to design features in the inc kid collection that encourage kids to self-dress.

The main features include large openings at legs/head/arms. In addition to this, big pull handles at waist, chunky zips with long pulls, soft velcro, no tight ribbing at hands and legs, deep arm holes to assist dressing.

She sourced good quality, soft and stretchy, breathable natural materials .. she knew how important it was for her son to be comfy and sweat free. Her son took these clothes for a test run. So did a few of his friends- some that wore AFOs and/or splints, some with dexterity challenges, some with muscle weakness, some with none of the above. There was unanimous approval from kids, parents, OTs, and physio’s alike. Self-dressing autonomy was finally enabled! And that’s the story of how inc kid launched.

Fashion creates confidence

As a designer who worked for global fashion brands internationally, this mummy believes that fashion creates confidence. That’s why inc kid clothes have a bit of attitude.

All the pieces are designed to be worn slouchy with room for growth and are gender neutral so they can be passed down.

By sourcing quality natural materials she has designed clothes that last so you can buy once and buy well. And be kind to mother earth the same time.

Made in Australia

We are proud to say that all our clothes are designed and made in Australia, from natural materials. 

We know exactly who made our clothes because we work closely with all our people throughout the entire process. From the design stage through to production, we work together with our local Australian pattern makers, cutters, makers, and suppliers. This limits our environmental impact while supporting our local economy.

We respect our planet because we want our kids to breathe clean air, and we urge you to do the same. Buy once, buy well, buy ethical.