Meet Inclusion Ambassador, Emily Prior

Inclusion and adaptive clothing

May 07, 2020

Emily is a super talented model actor and activist. She is an inclusion ambassador and has challenged the advertising industry to include people with disability.

At the age of 8, Emily noticed there were no people with disabilities being included in advertising. With a love of fashion, styling and a big imagination, Emily set out to shake up the fashion and modelling world - and show it how to be inclusive. 

She started off styling her own looks for emerging girls fashion via her social media. Soon her modelling portfolio grew as she began to represent some well known and high profile brands. One of the most exciting and game changing, was staring in the Target catalogues proudly wearing her AFOs (ankle foot orthotics). 

Emily believes 'It's important to represent people with a disability in advertising because "it's who we are". We all need to be included'*. ⁣

Her ambitions did not stop at modelling. With a talent for being in front of the camera, she set her sights on acting. 'I am very proud because it means that lots of people can learn about my disability and they can also see how to include disability.' she said in an interview with Daily Mail. 

Emily is an actor on Rocky & Me and ABCMe, where she is  a Housemate on Me@Home. She hopes to inspire all kids, especially those living with a disability to reach for their goals. 'If it doesn't happen straight away, don't give up, just keep trying,' Emily said*. We couldn't agree more! 

Emily is pictured here rocking our Storm Buggy jeans which fit perfectly over her AFOs. ⁣

Follow Emily's adventures on Instagram @emilyjprior_

*Source: Daily Mail Australia


Sheryn James

Sheryn James said:


I am enquiring about your jumpers. Do you have a video link where I can see how a child puts the jumper on/off?

My 4 year old son has a paralysed arm from the shoulder down so dressing independently is a challenge for him.

Starting school next year I am concerned of him overheating if he is unable to take a jumper on/off himself so am interested with the design of this jumper.

Is it only the 2 designs you have available and is it only a Velcro option available?

Thank you

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