Inclusive styling tips by Tanya Ganas, founder of Style Aide

Inclusive styling tips by Tanya Ganas, founder of Style Aide

June 09, 2020

We love collaborating with like minded and inclusive brands, so when we discovered inclusive stylist, Style Aide we were immediately inspired by their work! We invited founder Tanya Ganas (ex-National Head Stylist at Scanlan Theodore) to share her story with our community and to/ provide some inclusive styling tips for dressing kids!

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Style Aide was inspired by my 11 year old daughter, who is wonderfully neurodivergent! For her, tags, seams and itchy fabrics are amongst a few sensory sensitivities that make dressing each day a stressful exercise. 

I want my girls to grow up in a world that celebrates diversity, to understand there is no such thing as perfect and to recognise that real beauty comes from a kind and compassionate heart. I also want them to know that actions speak louder than words, which is why I created Style Aide, a unique personal styling service for individuals with disability! 

After 15 years of personal styling, it was time to be the change!  My vision is to smash stereotypes and prove that disability has no bearing on your sense of style!!

Style Aide responds to the frustrations and challenges experienced by people with disability when shopping and with limited stylish options available, brands like Inc Kid have been a game changer in rewriting the narrative around adaptive fashion!! 


Here are my top tips for curating a perfect wardrobe for your kids:

  • For active kids who love getting their hands and knees dirty, choose darker neutrals over light! Buy wardrobe staples in neutral tones such as black, navy, denim, grey & white as they will pair easily with bold coloured items and prints. 
  • Layering for fashion not just for function - Pair basics back with a denim waistcoat (add some cool badges), a sleeveless long line cardigan or a bold puffa vest/ jacket to elevate an outfit. A functional accessory like a cable knit beanie, tasselled scarf or a quirky backpack can also inject colour and a whole new level of spunk! 
  • Quality over quantity - The skin is our biggest organ so try to opt for natural fabrics where possible. Organic cotton contains less harmful chemicals than regular cotton and is also more sustainable to produce. Pre-wash all clothing before first use to remove any substances that may irritate sensitive skin. 
  • Functionality – Clothing that is easy to get on and off builds independence, confidence and self-esteem – winning!  
  • Curate a wardrobe that reflects your child’s personality and lifestyle - There is no point in having a wardrobe full of delicate clothes if your child likes climbing trees and jumping in muddy puddles!
  • Size up – Kids grow so fast, go up a size so they can wear their clothes for as long as possible. Use soft hair ties on each wrist (pucker the fabric to conceal) to keep long sleeves from slipping down.
  • Let your kids be in control of their own style by involving them in the process. Keep discussions open when kids choose gendered styles and try not to define who they are with their clothes, fashion should always be fun. 

To understand more about how Style Aide’s services sit within the eligibility of your NDIS plan visit 

All customers of Style Aide, will receive an exclusive discount to inc kid. 

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