Inclusive kids clothing with adaptive features including large openings at the neck, sleeve and leg, deep arm holes and stretchy natural fabrics for easy dressing. inc kid clothes fit orthotics, prosthetics and hand splints.

Especially for kids with tight muscles and dexterity challenges.

Our inclusive, therapist recommended clothes are gender neutral and aim to build autonomy and confidence for all kids, no matter who they are. 

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Inclusivity is at our core (hence the 'inc'). We believe fashion and the right to easy dressing should be inclusive and available to everybody. We don't believe in labels.
inclusive clothes

Designed with therapists and kids

inc kid clothes are designed by a mummy of an AFO-wearing kid with tight muscles and dexterity challenges. Working closely with therapists to develop the range, all clothes were tested on kids and their families. Both therapists and families have all given inc kid the thumbs up. Check out what they all have to say under our 'Testimonials' page. 

Pictured: paediatric occupational therapists Prue Nix with her team Kate Coleman and Aiesha Seyfang and paediatric physiotherapist, Eliza Cavalletto from Child First Therapy

Designed and Made in Australia

inc kid clothes are made in Australia from natural materials. Our jumpers are made from 100% cotton. Skin is our biggest organ and needs to breathe!`
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